Can You Put Floor Tiles On Walls

Can You Put Floor Tiles On Walls?

Can You Put Floor Tiles On Walls?

As anyone who’s ever worked for a tiling company can tell you, there’s a lot more to tiles than meets the eyes. Not only do they come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses, but they also vary in strength and weight depending on the material. These kinds of variations can make designing and planning a new bathroom or kitchen more complicated than it might at first seem.

After all, you’ve gone through all the hassle of picking out matching appliances, getting your measurements right, choosing a colour scheme and so forth, and now you find that your tiling company only provides the pattern in a tile that won’t work.

Or will it?

While wall tiles tend to be far too thin and fragile to use for floors, the same problem is not always true the other way round. Although it’s true that some floor tiles will be too heavy to go on your wall, others will be fine.

But how do you know which is which?

Ask Your Tiling Company

Most of your questions can easily be answered by asking your tiling company/provider. A quick phone call should be enough to establish whether or not the tile in question will be appropriate. Some tiling companies also provide that kind of information on their website, if you know what you’re looking for.

Contact Your Fitter

Before phoning your tiling company, however, you should absolutely be making a phone call to your fitter. They’ll probably know more about the specifics of your job and may have questions for the tiling company that wouldn’t occur to you.

Alternatively, if you’re going DIY and you’re not a professional, then you’ll want to do your research and potentially contact friends or family who can advise you.

Don’t Take Risks

Sometimes, it can be tempting to bite the bullet and hope for the best, but if there’s any doubt about whether or not the tile will hold, we would advise against taking the risk. Falling tiles will not only cause more damage to your bathroom but could potentially fall on someone leading to an injury.

At very least, if you are considering risking it, take a look online, compare the selections from different tiling companies, and see if you can find a good match somewhere else first, because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how attached you are to a tile if that tile isn’t properly attached to the wall.

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